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Grace to Yield Carefully to God’s Instructions

Grace to Yield Carefully to God’s Instructions

(1 Samuel 15:1-35) Prayer Points 1) Lord Jesus, I thank You for speaking to me. 2) Father, please forgive me for not yielding to You. 3) Holy Spirit, remove from me the spirit of disobedience to Your instructions, in Jesus name. 4) Lord, remove the spirit of foolishness in delivering Your instructions. 5) Father, give […]

Following Christ – Learning Obedience

Following Christ –  Learning Obedience

(Luke 5:1-6; Judges 6:16-27,36-40; Judges 7:1-9, Hebrews 5:7-9) Prayer Points 1) Holy Spirit, help me to understand the wretchedness of disobedience, in Jesus name. 2) Lord Jesus, help me to submit my pride and spiritual negligence at the foot of Your cross. 3) Lord Jesus, give me the desire to learn obedience from You. 4) […]