Point of Focus for the Week

…And He Went His Own Way

(Gen 32:1, Luke 22:4, Psalm 125:4, Gen 33:13-17)

When the way (path)we ply is in line with God’s purpose, He will always show up for us and not against us. This calls our understanding to the need of evaluating our life as tagged in this week point of focus- “…And he went his own way”.

The Bible in Genesis 32:1 says ” And Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him”(KJV). Here, the angels of God met him not to fight him but to show him the presence of God-the omnipresent. This would have strengthen Jacob’s faith in God as the Omnipresent and the Almighty Defence.


In the preceding chapter (chapter 31) Jacob just concluded a peace meeting with laban. Again his next step after seeing the angels of God in chapter 32:1,  was another peace meeting with Esau. This is pointing us to Jacob’s going on his way now as being in the centre of God’s desire and agenda.

Contrary to these, in Judas’ case, the Bible says in Luke 22:4 that Judas went on his own way to commune with the enemies of our Lord Jesus on strategies of arresting the Lord. In the preceding verse the Bible says “Then satan entered into Judas surnamed Iscariot…”. So in Judas’ case going on his own way happened when he was in the centre of the desire of the devil.

It is not enough to do things on our own ways without considering these:

1) what led me into this path or decision?

2) after this moment fades away, will God be proud of me, will I also be proud of myself for the result?

3) If the result of my going on my way comes with my reward, will it give me peace?


So, we should always evaluate our going-on-our-own-way, to see if it is in line with God or with the devil



1) Holy Spirit guide me from the way of destruction in Jesus name.

2) My Father, by mercy, show me Your way that I may walk in it in Jesus name.

3) Father, by Your grace, let Your presence go with me on my journey in life in Jesus name.

4) Every agent of deceit positioned to manipulate my journey in life, Holy Spirit, consume them in Jesus name.

5) Lord let me not leave You for vanity and peril in Jesus name.