To the glory of God; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Lady Evangelist /Prophetess Florence Simisola Oyerinde was born in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Her mother disclosed that mummy's birth was a prophecy fulfilled. She revealed that she escorted her friend to a church for prayers and the man of God only prophesied to mummy’s mother; that she was pregnant with a baby who has been sent by God for a special mission on earth. Even at this time mama claimed she was not aware that she was about a month pregnant. However, the man of God warned mummy’s mother not to use any medication but should always come for prayers and prayer water. 

Mummy had her early education at Igede Ekiti. She spent her childhood years between Igede Ekiti and Ijero Ekiti before she left for Lagos in 1968.

During her early years in Lagos, she was employed as a salesgirl in a furniture showroom. She later secured an employment at the Base Ordnance Depot, Nigeria Army, Yaba, Lagos.

She got wedded to her husband through court, traditional, and church wedding.

She relocated to Ilorin with her husband following his transfer. She continued working with 22 Armoured Brigade, Nigeria Army, Sobi Barracks, Ilorin, Kwara state.

Before submitting to Christ she used to be a very fashionable young woman, who did not really know much about salvation and pentecostalism born to a Baptist family where she served God as a chorister and Church usher. 

She was a sociable person and party goer who spent much money on fashion accessories and worldly things.  

She would not stop talking about how the Lord had kept her in close and mutual communication, despite all these, at that time.  

After a long time of refusal to yield to God’s calling she finally submitted. She pleaded for six months more, so as to attain the compulsory 15 years in service requirement for pension age but God firmly directed her to tender her resignation letter at 14½ years in service, at 22 Armoured Brigade, Nigeria Army, Sobi Barracks, Ilorin, for His greater work.

God directed her to W.O.S.E.M. for training and she later started ministering at W.O.S.E.M. Asa dam Road, Ile Anu, Ilorin, Kwara State, before coming back to Lagos.

She worked in some Christ Apostolic Church Assemblies before God instructed her to establish her church. Having given her the church's name and location, GOD directed her to Sasa in Lagos state of which she said she ran back when she located and discovered that Sasa was a very remote area then. But under firm hand of GOD she returned to Sasa after some years for the assignments. 

Few among the miracles God performed through her:

- Raising the dead

- Healing the mentally derailed

 - Healing medically confirmed cases of cancer, kidney problems and other diseases/sicknesses

- Settling broken homes

- Safe delivery against all odds and difficulties

- Deliverance

- Fruit of the Womb.

Exceptionally, to her children she was a caring, hardworking, jovial, and loving mother. She was also a disciplinarian and an excellent cook too!

To everyone, mum was remarkably generous, forgiving, friendly, accommodating, caring, humble, hardworking, and self-sacrificing.

Ultimately, to God, she was a faithful and fearless servant, who many scolded for firmly holding to God’s will and instructions unwaveringly.

Among all the hymns given to her by God hymn 263 (CAC hymn book ) was a special one.

            Mo ti de ile ore ofe

            O to fun gbogbo aini mi

            Nigbati mo joko lese Re

            O si so mi dominira


            Ayo nla ni, ayo ti Jesu fifun ni

            Ayo ti enu ko le so 


                Ayo nla ni, ayo ti o kun fun ogo

                Ayo ti a ko le royin tan.


 I have found His grace is all complete

He Supplieth every need

While I sit and learn at Jesus’ feet

I am free, yes, free indeed


It is a joy unspeakable and full of glory

Full of glory, full of glory

It is joy unspeakable and full of glory

Oh, the half has never yet been told.



Her best chorus was:

Moni Jesu l’owuro                                                       I have Jesus in the morning

Moni Jesu ni osan                                                       I have Jesus in the afternoon

Moni Jesu l'asale e                                                      I have Jesus in the night

Temi tire ni oru                                                          Jesus and I in the midnight

(I have Jesus in the morning

I have Jesus in the afternoon 

I have Jesus in the evening 

Jesus and I at night) 

Some weeks to her passing to glory when she would pray she would first sing

Se ife ti Re, Oluwa                              Do your will, my Lord

Se ife ti Re, nipa temi             Do your will, concerning me


On Sunday 18th January, 2015 she uttered the words:

Mo dupe Oluwa                                  I thank you Lord about 5 times


The Lord took Lady Evangelist/ Prophetess Florence Simisola Oyerinde to her glorious heavenly home on the 19th January, 2015 after her 30th year in the ministry.

Good night a faithful servant of God!

Tribute to Our Founder

To a Sweet Mum,

A jewel with a plain mind, transparent if I can exaggerate it, even to a fault. Your generosity knew no restriction. In loving, you placed God first - the name of Jesus was so dear to you, followed by your family, then people, and putting yourself last on the list.  Invariably, you loved everyone more than yourself. In whatever way you shuffled the list, you still put yourself last. Someone once said there was nothing you cannot give; you gave people care, money, advice even your comfort and gift others gave you, without using them yet. The good you would not do for yourself, you did it for others. The way you would feel troubled with other people's challenges until you were able to help them either by intercession or directly getting involved at times would trouble us at home. A life of rare sacrifice!

You cherished honesty and lovers of God greatly (almost a weak point, always of the opinion that everyone should be straight-forward).

Your honesty made you hard on us, your children each time we were lacking in keeping to time; for church service, a promise made, or appointment with people.

You cherished and loved every lover of God you came across, so dearly.

Coming to your income, by the time you shared it for others and us you would have only the leftover for yourself. However, you would still keep bordering yourself that you have not done enough to help.

In the field of the gospel, where even men fled you would stand unshaken; doing what men fled from. Concerning the miracles and wonders God performed through you, many are those we do not know because except for genuine reasons you would not share them, even in ministration. The few we know were because we witnessed them or you had to share for genuine reasons. All in Jesus' name! Without setting your mind on the reward. In the things of God, your endurance and resilience was divine grace.

In your calling, your faithfulness to God was resolute, either been criticized or condemned!

Your reverence for the things of God amazed me. You would not want to take anything that belongs to God for granted.

Even in my small boy's mind, this did some "re-working" that the opportunity to be a minister of God must not be abused.

How you cared for the flock of God was without selfishness, remarkable without discrimination. Whose ox have you taken? or whose donkey have you taken? or whom have you defrauded? whom have you oppressed? or of whose hand have you received any bribe to blind your eyes with?

Before you received a supposed gift you confirmed if God wanted it or not, even if you were in need of it, you would wholeheartedly reject it. I was marveled at this God's grace you were bestowed with!

A prayer warrior; where people cherished grace for little prayer life you used your God-given grace for "prayer-filled" life. At times when people felt they had enough, you would still go for an extended private prayer session.

No matter how our prayer point was "high and mighty" you would remind us to add Jesus' name. You would say no matter what the situation one finds himself the name of Jesus must not be lost from one's mouth.

As a mother, while other mothers complained of being too stressed to cook or take care of the family, I cannot remember when you complained of any of these. Though you never talked about it, I think your point was that there was no excuse good enough for not carrying out your motherly role or maybe you just thought you must not let your family down. I cherished how swiftly you handle house chores.

No matter how early we would be going out or no matter how early you would need to go out, you still would get up earlier to prepare a delicious favourite meal. Even, having taught us and we have started doing all these by ourselves, whenever you did yours, we know. The aroma, taste, and presentations spoke volumes of your "exceptionality". And you would leave the kitchen neater than you met it.

I cannot forget whenever you needed to leave home very early, how you would try your best not to wake anybody up yet the piece of paper you would drop always gave hope of where the food would be. There we would see where you kept our meals and all we would need for the day. Mum you did not cease to amaze us with your selfless motherhood! For you to eat, cloth or make yourself ready for the day meant you have taken care of everyone else, no matter how early. You understood the kitchen business of pleasing the nose with aroma of your food, exciting the mind, satisfying thirst, and filling everyone's tummy.

As a perfectionist and disciplinarian, you trained and raised us up your children uncompromised. Hey mum, how you combined genuine love with disciplining your children was a grace.