( John 15:1-8)


1) Lord Jesus, how are you moving in my time and how do you want me to get involved?

2) Oh Lord help me to see and align with your current move in my life, in Jesus name

3) Father, help me not to delay or hinder Your move in my life and in other people’s lives, in Jesus name.

4) Lord, help me to know when You are working, in whose life You are working and how You want me to be involved, in Jesus name.

5) Holy Spirit, help me not to mistake devil’s orchestration as Yours, in Jesus name.

6) Holy Spirit, Open our eyes to know how You are moving in Your flock and how You want us to be involved faithfully, in Jesus name.

7) Father, equip me with Your grace and blessings, to speak of Your move to the next generation, in Jesus name