(John 3:1-21, John 6:34-39)

Seeking Jesus Beyond the crowd gives you an answer more peculiar to your life. The Lord awaits everyone with a one-on-one encounter but only few approach Jesus beyond the crowd. Most people stop with the encounter they received among the crowd. Everyone who seeks Jesus one-on-one becomes more of Jesus. When we receive more of Jesus, then we can obediently do what he desires. Some had personal encounters with Jesus but they later appear almost untouched by the Savior. If one just wants what Jesus gives and not who Jesus is, the endeavor can end up like Judah. If one monopolizes what he or she receives from the Lord, it is dangerous. If one commercializes what he or she receives from Jesus, it is dangerous. If one misuses or becomes proud of what he or she receives from the Lord, it is also dangerous. If one thinks he or she has received all that Jesus offers or one becomes “power-drunk”, it can end pathetically. Continuing in all these evil ways without genuine repentance means spending eternity in hell. While everyone receives what Jesus gives, those who take more steps into knowing Jesus privately become more of Him. As they become more of Jesus, the authority and glory of His Lordship come upon them. Then you do not just receive what Jesus gives but you become a dwelling place for His authority and glory. Please remember, having done all, remain humble, faithful, and steadfast. Do not set your eyes on the rewards, continue seeking for more of Jesus, and be fruitful for His glory.

John 12:20-21
20 And there were certain Greeks among them that came up to worship at the feast: 21 The same came therefore to Philip, which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus.

Let your cry today be “I would see Jesus”

Take a step closer into Jesus today. Seek Him beyond the crowd. Seek Him for a one-on-one encounter. Be soaked in His presence. Ask for the Grace to be fruitful for His glory.

Remember His promise, in John 6:37 “…him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”

Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus, open my heart to seeking and receiving from You.
2) Lord, I need Your grace to do all that You desire from me and to become who You want me to become in You, in Jesus name.
3) Lord, I refuse to monopolize, misuse, be unproductive, or become proud of all that I receive from you, in Jesus name.
4) Lord, may I continue to return the glory to You, in Jesus name.
5) Jesus, after my journey on earth, please by Your mercy, let me see You face to face in Your kingdom.