No loving Father would ever like it, when his child distances himself or herself from him. A loving father would want his child to move closer to him. Even if the child is not willing, he would still want to use everything in his capacity to get the child’s attention. This is exactly how it is when we distance ourselves from our heavenly Father.

Many children of God today had in many ways distanced themselves from the Lord. We claim to serve Him but our relationship with Him had been strained due to one sin or the other. The kind of relationship the Lord wants with us is beyond being only a Christian. He wants good intimacy with us and does not want His own children to stand afar off.

Sin had been the major cause of our strained relationship with the Lord. He is a holy God who can not behold iniquity. The Lord God told Abraham in Genesis 17:1 to walk before Him and be blameless. He knew that any sin in Abraham could hinder his good relationship with Him. He does not want an ordinary relationship with Abraham but one that will be transferred from generation to generation. Likewise we.

We have displeased Him several times, with the words of our mouths, thoughts, and our actions and when that happens, disconnection occurs and the relationship becomes strained.
Basically, one cannot have a good relationship with someone one displeases all the time. As His children, we must always work towards pleasing Him in our words, thoughts, and actions. The more we move closer to Him, the more He draws nearer to us.

Sometimes, we got carried away with the lust of this world, and when this happens the Lord may permit some situations in our life in order to draw our attention towards Him because He does not want His own children to be separated from Him. A loving father would always want to be connected to his children. Beloved, the Lord stands at the door of your heart asking for a long-term relationship with you that will continue unto your next generation.