(John 14:6, John 4:1-29, John 3:1-36, John 8:1-59)
The word of God is the truth, Jesus Christ is the truth – the Living Word of God.
1) Lord, I submit myself to Your truth and I reject a life of lie/falsehood, in Jesus name.
2) Lord Jesus, help me to receive Your truth into my heart, life, soul, and spirit.
3) Lord, help me to boldly speak Your truth without pride, in Jesus name
4) Lord, help me to speak Your truth in Your wisdom and not in folly, in Jesus name
5) Lord help me not to be against Your truth, in Jesus name.
6) Lord, help me not to monopolize Your truth, in Jesus name.
7) Lord, let me thirst and hunger for your truth always, in Jesus name
8) Holy Spirit help me not to be lukewarm with the truth, in Jesus name.