(Genesis 12:1-7, Genesis 15:6, 1 Samuel 16:1, Acts 13:22,  2 King 22:1-2, 2 Chronicles 16:9, Isaiah 1:19)
Prayer Point
1) Oh Lord, give me a willing heart that not only yields to You but will be joyful in yielding to Your word, in Jesus name.
2) Holy Spirit, burn off every idol of my heart and put in me the desire for more of Jesus and His will, in Jesus name.
3) Lord Jesus, help me and save me from the peril of obeying You under the disguise of doing only what suits me.
4) Lord, help me to do Your will in Your own way and not in my own way, in Jesus name.
5) Father, help to continue yielding and not be swayed away by the praise of human, in Jesus name.
6) Lord, please do not lead me into temptation, in Jesus name (Matthew 26:41)