(Matthew 10:38, Matthew 16:24, John 21:15-23, John 6:26-27, Proverbs 3:5-6, John 7:1-10)
Some came so that their hearts’ desires would be fulfilled, I fulfilled them and sent them away but I drew you to Myself to fulfill My will through You. Your fulfillment is in the fulfillment of My desire through you.
I asked some who came to me for their effort so that I would bless it and increase it but all I need from you is your heart and not your efforts. When you give Me your heart, My grace that knows no bounds will be Your efforts.
Expect my instruction to be different from what you want. But how faithful will you be?
You would be faithful when you stop seeking your own desire and accept Mine. Your faithfulness lies in giving all that is yours up for Me. When you are still full of yourself, you cannot receive enough of My Spirit. Those who are too full have no place for my purpose or Spirit. Only those who have nothing in them can have enough space for My fullness.
You are looking too far ahead because of that you miss seeing Me, standing close by. You gaze too much on your tomorrow that you are taking your today in Me for granted. Those I choose do not look too far into the future since their sufficiency is me. They look deep into me, for in Me, they would see their future.
I am the Lord and My Way is Different from Yours. Carry your cross, deny yourself, and follow me.
Prayer Points
1) Open the eyes of my heart oh Lord Jesus.
2) Take the whole of me, I give it all to You, Lord Jesus.
3) Fill my cup Lord Jesus, fill it up, Lord.
4) Remove from me the heart of corruption and give me Your right Spirit, Your Spirit of righteousness.
5) Lord Jesus, help me to see my future in Your sufficiency.