(1 Kings 19:9-23, 2 Kings 5:1-15, 2 Chronicles 26:14-21, John 14:26)
Some of those things that get in the way of hearing from God are, our knowledge, experience, thoughts, feelings, emotions, situations, successes, failures, busyness etc When God speaks through the least expected ways and vessels, how do you respond?
1) Holy Spirit, search and reveal to me whatever has been getting in the way between me and Your instructions, in Jesus name.
2) Lord help me to hear when you speak, be it in silence, happenings, or audible words, in Jesus name.
3) Father give me the humble mind to be willing to hear You, even when You speak through who or ways I least expect, in Jesus name (2 Chronicle 35:20-25).
4) Lord, please give me the heart of obedience to speak Your word to anyone You send me to, according
to how You desire and whenever you want it spoken, in Jesus name.
5) Whatever the devil has orchestrated to take me away from hearing, listening, and obeying God’s words and leadings, be cursed and destroyed in Jesus mighty name (Genesis 3:1-11).