(Matthew 6:10, Matthew 6:21, Matthew 26:39, Isaiah 64:8, John 5:30, John 6:38, Psalms 79:8)
We would always be tempted several times to change God’s mind but there is a great need to be careful. To know when to ask for God to change His will and when we are the one to align with His will. Even when we can ask Him to change His will, we could ask Him for the reason for what is happening, so that we’ll be sure our requests are not redirecting us outside His will. When we think our requests is justified, we will need to ask Him with humility and submission for how we want it. Then we would accept whatever His answer to our request is.
One thing is sure that, He is never a tyrant but a loving Creator. He knows us and everything good for us, better than we know and want for ourselves.
Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus, I bring myself before Your cross, forgive me for every time I have wanted to make my plan work at the expense of yours.
2) Lord, I bring myself before your mercy forgive me for making my will rule over Yours, even when I agree withYour will.
3) Lord Jesus, forgive me for those I have led or caused to walk in ways that fulfill human’s will/plan instead of Yours .
4) Remove me from every path I tread which is contrary to Yours, in Jesus name.
5) I thank You Lord Jesus for Your great mercy and abundant grace.