(Joshua 15, Joshua 16:10, Joshua 17 :12-18,  Joshua 1:18-36, Judges 2:1-5,
2 Samuel 21:15-22)
God promised Israelites victory over all enemies but they could not conquer all enemies. Only those they fought against, were they able to overcome. They could only conquer if they fight. If one does not fight, there would be no victory. And Israel chose not to fight anymore. They tasted rest, and to them, the taste of rest was good. Enemies could not withstand them but sweet rest conquered them. Many of the territories left unconquered were part of places David had to conquer. After many years, God used an obedient and faithful God lover – David to do that. However, many past generations had suffered before those victories could come through David.
Well, one unnamed enemy that the Israelites could not conquer was sin. And really sin conquered them, destroyed them, and consumed them – leaving only remnants of the population for the continuity of bloodline. We can remember that David was helped to conquer his sinful nature when he cried to God (Psalms 51).
Can you look into your life, with a divine probe for uncompleted divine assignments? Search for those you know were assigned to you but you did not do anything about. When God makes a request for something from someone, the request does not expire until God says so. The abandoned request could be an assignment He gave you, it could be about your sanctification, or about helping others on their journey of faith. You need to tarry before the Lord to really be sure of them because such can remain for long without God pointing at them anymore. Yet God holds them against the disobedient child. In Judges 2:1-5, the children of Israel got convicted and wept about their sins of unconquered territories but it did not seem like they correct their mistakes. After such conviction, it takes more to fully repent and amend one’s way. Determination alone is not enough because our flesh is weak and powerless. What we must do is cry out to the Holy Spirit to help our mortal bodies do as we determine to amend our ways.
I pray that the Holy Spirit quickens our inner hearts, opens our spiritual ears and eyes, in Jesus name.
Prayer Points
1) Oh Lord Jesus, I thank You for bringing me this far.
2) Father, open my spiritual ears, open my spiritual eyes, and quicken my inner heart concerning Your past instructions to me, in Jesus name.
3) Holy Spirit, give me the heart of repentance and diligent obedience, in Jesus name (Judges 2:1-5).
4) Lord, every of Your instructions that I have not been faithful with, please give me Your faithful heart that would fulfill them faithfully, in Jesus name.
5) Father, please help me not to abuse the rest You give me, in Jesus name.
6) Lord, help me not to be insensitive to Your will during the time of rest, in Jesus name.