(Matthew 11:25-30, Jeremiah 6:16, 1 John 5:3-5, Luke 15:11-24)
1) Lord Jesus, I thank You because You are more than enough for all weariness; to save, heal and restore.
2) Lord Jesus, open all eyes and understanding of those who labor and, heavily laden, and have no rest but do not realize that all they lack and needed are in You.
3) Abba Father, by Your mercy and unconditional love, please speak persistently into the ears and hearts of those who have strayed away far from You and yet blame you for their woes, in Jesus name.
4) Lord Jesus, save, heal and restore those that strayed away from You and all that have been squandered away, in Jesus name.
5) Father, I ask for myself and all Your restored children, the hearts of sonship that love You enough to trust and remain steadfastly with You, ever after, in Jesus name.