(Genesis 11:1-9, Malachi 1:4-14, Jeremiah 23:1-40)

In these Bible passages, we can see how clearly men and women rebelled against God. Quite unimaginable! However, becoming rebellious hearts is not a day’s journey. It must have started unnoticed in them and grew with time to become what they struggled with. Who we now see is the result of what they ended up with.

It is an undesirable journey beckoning to all and will swallow anyone that gives himself over to it. Instead of evaluating how they missed it, let the Holy Spirit help you check yourself if such elements of rebellion are not brooding in you.

Is rebellion against our Creator starting or existing silently in our hearts?

Are all your struggles and effort completely because of God’s glory or tainted with personal gains?

A very subtle rebellion against God is wanting/stealing the glory and praise due to Him for ourselves.

When God raises us up, do we genuinely continue to use this as a platform for His worship? Or are we busy trying to sustain them by some crooked and unrighteous means?

Do we conceal our selfish goals behind the veil of working for God?

Rebelling against God is not only by completely denouncing Him or His works. It can be as silent as stealing His glory.

Prayerfully examine your heart.

1) May our inner eyes be opened in Jesus name
2) May we receive a willing and repentant heart, in Jesus name.
3) Oh Lord, remove from me deceit and unfaithfulness, in Jesus name.
4) Lord, may rebellious heart and spirit not be my portion nor take hold of me, in Jesus name.
5) Holy Spirit, help me to clearly denounce lust and evil, in Jesus name
6) In Jesus name, I reject the false peace that encourages repetitive sins.
7) Oh Lord, I ask for Your Spirit of righteousness to overshadow me and dwell in me, in Jesus mighty name