(Ezekiel 14:1-11, Matthew 21:28-31, Ezekiel 33:31-32, Jeremiah 42:1-14, Jeremiah 43:1-7, John 8:30-31, Jeremiah 29:13, Mark 6:52)

The prayer points are categorized under certain reasons that may make us disobey God unintentionally.
1.) Pride (2 Chronicles 26:19): Lord Jesus, please forgive me for every way pride has made me disobeyed You.
2.) Holy Spirit, remove the spirit of pride from me completely, in Jesus name.
3.) Anger (Psalms 106:32): Lord Jesus, in Your mighty name, I repent, and rebuke every power of anger that makes me hear You but still disobey You.
4.) Hatred (Jonah 3:4, 10, Jonah 4:1-4): Father, destroy the spirit of hatred that makes me do Your work without love, in Jesus name.
5.) Jealousy (1 Samuel 18:7-9): Father, help me not to give a chance to jealousy in my life, in Jesus mighty name.
6.) Power of sins (John 1:12): Holy Spirit, endue with Your mighty power from above, for lasting victory over the power of sins and unrighteousness, in Jesus name.
7.) Satanic deceit (Genesis 3:1-6, Matthew 4:1-11): Lord Jesus, give me the willing heart and divine wisdom to be faithful and diligent in hearing You and obeying You.