(2 Kings 6:5-7, 2 Samuel 12:1-12, 1 Samuel 30:1-20)
1) Lord Jesus, I plead for your mercy and forgiveness concerning all the sins that have caused loss of blessings in my life and my home.
2) Jesus, I plead for your immeasurable mercy and compassion over the guilt that my family and generations, up to me, have borne.
3) Every key of success and key to blessings that have been taken away from us, Father, please recover and restore all to us, in Jesus name.
4) Lord replace the heart that loves sins in us with Yours that hate sins, in Jesus name.
5) Holy Spirit, deliver us from every spirit of carelessness, in Jesus name.
6) Every blessing and success that carelessness has taken away from us, Father recover and restore all to us again in Jesus powerful name.
7) Lord, open every door of blessings that have been shut against us, in Jesus name.
8) Father, remedy our lives from every pathetic state the works of the wicked have put them, in Jesus powerful name.