(Genesis 12:1-7, Genesis 22:1-18, John 21:12-22)

Only God Himself can demystify Himself and His ways to us. He is always willing to do this. In fact, He calls us into knowing it. This is not because He wants to prove to us that He is God, He does need to prove to us. He is not a man. Only man wants to prove to someone that he can do certain thing. God’s mightiness is made manifest:
1) so that our faith will be helped,
2) so that we will be saved,
3) to answer the questions from a humble heart (this could be us or someone will do not know),
4) to judge the proud and spiritually foolish ones

He does all of these and more because He so much loves us and wants us to be in fellowship with Him. However, there is a limit to which our mortal body can bear, just as He told Moses when He was revealing Himself to Moses at Mount Sinai. God made Moses to see His back in His glory because no one sees His face in glory and live. Before then Moses spoke with God face-to-face but not in His glorious appearance (Numbers 12:8, Exodus 33:11,18-23). For Moses to even see God’s back in His glorious appearance, God shielded him. Moses’ face that saw God in His glory continued shining for the remaining part of his life. Can we imagine if Moses was not shielded by God’s loving hand? Seeing the back of God’s in His glory may have made Moses’ whole body shine too.

His call for us is usually from our so-called known life (realistically, we don’t know what will certainly happen in the next second) into His mysterious (His ways are not our ways). By faithful obedience it becomes clear to us that indeed God is God. However, we can only receive this by faith in Jesus, and with a humble heart.

He called Abraham out of his known life, location, purpose etc to go to an “unshown” place that was yet to be spoken about. Until some journey of faith was made before it was revealed). Today we clearly know this Abrahamic obedience as eternal blessings to all but when Abraham obeyed it was mysterious. Same way, all His call for us may be from the known to the mysterious but if we follow Him by faith, we will see His awesome wonders. Not only us but others will also see and glorify God.

Just as Gideon’s 300 army was exhausted but kept pursuing despite that God didn’t tell them they would be exhausted. Being exhausted but graced to remain steadfast. It is a unique grace. If really God calls us into His purpose the grace is always available to continue pursuing even when exhausted. Most time, we either neglect the use of this grace even though it has been given to us or ignore that we can ask for it.

Are you saying, “God didn’t tell me this before”? Good friendship is about trusting when the reason or result is unclear. However, it makes us so guilty of not loving God as we think or convinced ourself that we are doing. God cherishes our having total trust in Him. When all seems unclear and we are very confused, true love and fellowship with Him means, we still trust His judgment, decisions, and purpose.
Always remember that God’s purposes usually seem mysterious at the onset but the end thereof is (also) usually glorious.

Prayer Points
1) Lord, help me to completely trust you, in Jesus name.
2) Lord, help me to stay faithful and steadfast, in Jesus name.
3) Lord Jesus, give Your angels charge concerning me, to keep me in all my ways, that they bear me up in their hands, lest I dash my foot against stumbling stones.
4) Father quicken my heart of understanding to know the hope of Your calling, in Jesus name.
5) Lord Jesus, by Your great mercy, help me through out my life so that Your testimony when I see You face-to-face will be, “you obeyed”.