(1 Kings 11:28-40, 1 Kings 12:20-33, 1 Kings 13:1-6, Nehemiah 1:4-11, Daniel 9:2-23)

Solomon inherited God’s blessings through his father’s life of obedience. In the contrary, he incurred God’s judgment on his generations. Rehoboam, Solomon’s son and successor knew (in fact was told) that Jeroboam’s rebellion was God’s judgment. Even though it was made known to him that this was meted out because of his father’s sins, he did not plead for forgiveness before God. No, not any on record in the Scripture. Let us compare this with how people like Nehemiah and Daniel grievously pleaded before God because of inherited divine judgment.

Similarly, God gave the portions of the kingdom taken away from Rehoboam to Jeroboam. Instead of glorifying God with his reign, he so much wanted to selfishly sustain the blessing (of being a king over Israel), that he deliberately kicked against God’s purpose and abolished His ordinance. In this manner, he left behind God’s judgment for his generation. Even though God unexpectedly blessed Jeroboam, Jeroboam handled the blessings as if his intelligence earned them.

Many people get blessed by God but do not use the blessings to fulfill God’s purposes. Instead they diverts them to personal purposes. This became Jeroboam’s sin which remained potent and unconfessed for many generations.

Let us look into our lives, through the lives of our fathers, mothers, and generations as a whole. Are there sins we have inherited?
Let us look into our lives, are there sinful orchestrations we employ to sustain God’s blessings? This is like someone who God lifted, becoming overwhelmed by debts that needed to be settled. He resulted in going for additional means of multiple streams of incomes, until the Lord interrupted him. Then the Lord showed him how far he has already gone astray because of his love for money. So also many got promoted by God but this resulted in pulling others down because of the fear of being replaced. These have indications of receiving blessings from God but partnering with the devil to sustain it. In another way, it is like not believing that God can sustain the blessings He gives.

May the Lord open our spiritual eyes to see clearly as he opened Nehemiah’s and Daniel’s inner eyes. May he give us repentant hearts. May His mercy and grace guide us into genuine repentance. May all inherited judgments be blotted out of our lives by the powerful blood of Jesus.

Prayer Points
1) Remove from me the heart enslaved to inherited sins and give me a new heart of genuine and full repentance.
2) Give me a heart responsive to divine rebuke, in Jesus name. (compare Rehoboam/Jeroboam/Nehemiah/Daniel)
3) Lord, give me the heart not to divert your blessings over my life to a personal purpose (Jeroboam), in Jesus name
4) Lord, let your mercy speak over my life, by the power of Your blood, blot out every inherited judgment over my life, in Jesus name.
5) Lord Jesus, forgive me every of my sin that brings inherited judgment over my generation.
6) Now and in future, help me not to tread on the path that can incur Your judgment on my generations, in Jesus name.