(Luke 19:29-48, Luke 22:25-62, Acts 4:23-31, John 14:26)

When Jesus Entered Jerusalem TRIUMPHANTLY, Peter might have thought that the destined messianic revolution was about to start. As they went with Jesus amidst the cries of “Hosanna,… “, their confidence likely grew.

Straight away, the Lord entered into the temple upturned the table of the money changers, and chased many of them out with a whip. Peter might have thought that, the messianic reign would soon begin.

It could easily be thought that even if a Messiah would die, it may be in a great decisive battle. Until Jesus bowed, pick a vessel with water to wash their feet. Then the confusion arose. Even a typical king cannot wash his servant feet, how would a Messianic King wash His servant’s feet. Peter could not keep silent and he resisted, until the Lord told him that whoever prevent it did not belong to Him. I think, not only Peter but, everyone of them were stunned to the marrow. Then came the prophecy about betrayal and denial. This could have meant another level of confusion in their minds. Their worst shock was yet to come! They saw Jesus sorrowfully going to the garden of Gethsemane. He even instructed Peter and others to watch. Peter was rebuked three times for dozing off when he was expected to watch (and stay guard). Then when the hour came for his arrest, there was nothing physically majestic about Jesus that Judas’ kiss was needed to recognize Him among His disciples.

Then came the time to show that he resolved to die for Jesus, Peter drew out his sword and struck off Malchus’ ear. To his dismay Jesus rebuked his defensive acts, healed the maimed ears and submitted. Then, it became clear that the journey of three and half years for a messianic reign seem like “fluke”. They certainly know from the tradition and scripture that Pharaoh was defeated before Moses. Elijah called down fire from. David fought God and won. There they watched their Messiah being arrested without any observable resistance, it was done on them that “His way was not their way”. How would they then face the unprecedented betrayal by their brethren, Jesus submission, and subsequent arrest? It might have been cleared to Peter that there may not be any hope to fight for what he had believed this few years. Before them were the merciless Romans soldiers. Then he ran away. He was still willing to risk his safety to watch what would happen to Jesus, as all he saw was a great shock and what to follow a suspense to him.

The very incidence that sent Peter completely down into the mud of shame came upon him. From nowhere, in his hide-and-seek stance, those who could recognize him pointed him out as Jesus’ disciples. There and then, Peter denied ever walked with Jesus! And the cock crowed! Even though he likely was thinking about how terrible Judas became for him to have betrayed Jesus, Peter seemed to be waking into the reality that he just deliberately and consciously denied Jesus. This is who we are! We may learn, confess, and rehearse it. We may decide to follow Jesus without turning back but the farthest our flesh can go is as far as Peter’s flesh took him. In following Jesus do not trust your experiences, do not rely on your conviction and resolution. Do not trust your status with your steadfastness in following Jesus. Human power is a failure before such temptation. Most time, when we flash our readiness to remain in Christ, it is from the power of pride and self-righteousness. These also are sins.

The only way is to cry to Him for the divine strength to remain standing, and the grace to remain faithful. If Judas could fail, Peter could deny him, and Thomas could disbelieve him, what is more unique in us than in them? Let us entrust ourselves completely to the power of the Holy Spirit as Peter did at the upper room. Cry for the in filling of the Holy Spirit? It is the Holy Spirit that will help you make use of the readily available and accessible grace and mercy of God. The Holy Spirit will help us when we humbly long and receive Him.

Prayer Points
1) Lord, in the time past, my strength, knowledge, and wisdom have failed when I trusted them most. It’s obvious that only your grace and mercy can lead me through, Lord, help me to only look to You and not to myself.
2) I guided and guarded myself, yet I only realised my depravity when I found myself rolling in the mud again, come Holy Spirit, help me, do what only You can do in my life, to deliver me from the grip of the devil, in Jesus name.
3) Lord, give me the humble heart that only and always trust You with my faithfulness, in Jesus name.
4) So much to be filled, so much to repair, Jesus, please gather my pieces and make me whole again.
(Ezekiel 37:3-11)