Prayer is one of the means through which we communicate with God. It is a weapon. Prayers open closed doors. Jesus our Lord and Saviour in His earthly days also prayed. He would separate Himself from His disciples to pray. This is to show to us how important prayer is. Many Christians today are of the believe that, the Lord has prayed for us, so we don’t really need to pray every time. Yes the Lord did prayed for every believer, and He also made it clear to us how important prayer is. Prayer is a key. Jesus our Father, Lord and Saviour did not take prayer for granted. As His children we must also be prayerful. There’s a adage that says a prayerful person is the master of a seer. It is when we pray that we will be equipped with the grace, mercy, favour and power to forge ahead.

Sincerely speaking the devil does not like to see Christians praying because there won’t be hideout for him. But likes it when we don’t pray, because the environment will be comfortable for him, then he would want to take his abode with such Christian. But when we pray spiritual mountains will be levelled and closed doors will be opened. The reason why some prayers are not answered is because of sin.

Beloved let’s keep praying until something happens. Our father is always ready to hear us when we pray to Him.

A Christian who does not pray
-Will misbehave
-There will be open access for the devil.
-Will lose focus
-There’s a tendency to make wrong choices that can lead to failure
-Will take serious things for granted
-Will become unserious with everything.
-Such Christian will lose value
-Doors of many opportunities will be closed
-Many opportunities will be lost
-You lose spiritual receptors and become carnal.
-There won’t be inspiration to forge ahead
-One will be making errors.
-Such a Christian will lose ground for the devil and will eventually lose great things
-Such a person will not be connected with his or her destiny helpers
-When you don’t pray you start hiding.
-When you don’t pray you will not recognize the God you serve. Your knowledge of Him will only be my Pastor, Prophet said instead of my God said.
-When you don’t pray light becomes darkness.
-When you don’t pray you will see TV experiences as comfort instead of seeing God as comfort.
-When you don’t pray everything starts fighting you.
-If you don’t pray there will be open doors for bad habits and spirits.
Beloved start Praying because prayer is the master key. God bless you

These are The Reasons Why You Must Pray
-When you pray you will be focused
-You will not lose your spiritual insight
-Prayer helps you not to be canal
-It helps you to make the right choices about life matters.
-You will not be a prey for the devil
-Satan will not have dominion over you
-You will not be susceptible to witchcraft
-Prayer will help you to take the right step