(Amos 3:3, Luke 9:23, John 15:14)

1) Our going on life journey with Jesus is dependent on we believing Him always.
2) Simply and faithfully commit everything you want to do to the Lord Jesus and He will take care of them.
3) Do not always wait until your strength fails you, before you return to Jesus.
4) Do not be in Jesus with your eyes or hearts outside somewhere.
5) Brace up to stand for Jesus not to fight for Him but to let Him use you in His own way.
6) He may have shown or told you where you are going but do not go before Him. Get clearance from Him before you set out.
7) Even if He has endued you with power do not move out until you receive instructions directly from Him.

Prayer Points
1) Lord, I thank You for seeking me out from the shambles of disappointment and rejection, in Jesus name.
2) Lord Jesus, I thank You for paying the great price for this relationship with Your life, sealed with Your blood.
3) Jesus, help me to manifest faith in You than I say it.
4) Holy Spirit, what needs to be changed in me for me to agree with You on this journey, change it now in Jesus name.
5) Lord give me listening ears and obedient heart to Your words.
6) Jesus, I welcome you in, come enter and shut the door against every strangers.