(Matthew 25:1-13, Hebrews 4:12-16, Acts 1:8, Revelation 3:1-6)

The Lord Jesus gave us potent and powerful gospel which wakes the dead. However, can the dead wake the dead? Many Christians are dead spiritually – insensitive to the voice of God and dead to the way of the cross but boasting in way of the flesh. Our world is filled with walking corpses – those that derive satisfaction from obeying only their emotions. Damned by their deeds to God and fellow humans. All that are spiritually dead have their names in the book of God’s judgment.

At this period of the abundant grace of Jesus, an era of His availing blood and powerful name, the Living Spirit of God is eagerly waiting to quicken as many as would realize, admit, confess, and repent from their dead lives (Revelation 3:3).

When we are awoken, our mission on earth will be clearer to us. We will think more of the criticality and urgency of the divine mandate given to us. This is a call to the consciousness of the reality of our divine commission – saving the lost, saving the dead, and giving enduring light to those in darkness.

Ultimately, the only message of this gospel giving to us is JESUS. We are commissioned to speak Him to our world as the Living Word of God. We are to proclaim His imminent second coming, judgment, and reign to our world. If our message will wake the dead, it will not lack the truth of the final judgment of all humanity and the subsequent everlasting joy in heaven or damnation in the lake of fire. It will resonate the criticality of the warning away from hell, and the call into eternal life in Christ Jesus. Then heaven will know we play our part in stopping people from trooping to hell – a place of no second chance.

All of these done with a life consecrated to the Lord; in spirit and in truth, will wake the dead in our churches and world.

May the Lord Jesus bless His word in our hearts. Amen!

Prayer Points
1) Lord wake me up from my state of slumbering, in Jesus name.
2) The fire and power of pentecost, fall on us and rekindle us for an effective mission in our generation, in Jesus name.
3) Lord, let the power of Your mercy and grace heal our spiritual wretchedness, in Jesus name.
4) Endue us with power and wisdom not to fall into the snare of satan, in Jesus name.
5) Lord, having ministered to others, do not allow anything to take us away from making heaven, in Jesus name.