(Psalms 9, Psalms 121, Psalms 70,
Psalms 125, Psalms 90, John 2:1-10, Psalms 124)
1) Oh Lord Jesus, we thank You for Your saving power and grace.
2) Jesus, send help from above, we awaits your saving power.
3) Lord, give us the heart that seek the lost and wakes the dead in faith with the power of Your gospel, in Jesus name.
4) Lord Jesus, close the door against the fall from this precious grace You bought for us.
5) Holy Spirit open our inner eyes to see the world, ourselves, and Your purpose as You see them, and not as the devil wants us to view them, in the mighty name of Jesus(Matthew 4:8).
6) Almighty God, save us from the power of hell, the devil, and every enemy in Jesus mighty name(Psalms 91 :1).