(Numbers 23:21, Revelation 2:14, Numbers 31:16, Numbers 25:1-18, Romans 3:23-end, 1 John 3:1-24)

The first family on earth had a chaotic and pathetic experience of life! When daddy Adam and mummy Eve fell, they fell away from God’s plan and right into the plan of the devil. Their predicaments did not end with being sent out of the garden of Eden. That was just the beginning of their woes which continued till today! This will come to an end in heaven for the redeemed ones but not so for those souls that end in the lake of fire. This is how terrible sins are!

We find it easy to say, “Lord, forgive me, it was the devil” but who suffers the consequences? The devil or you and I? The devil’s case has been concluded already. Even if he does not know all that God his Creator has for him in judgment, he would know that it cannot be nicer than eternal and torturous “lockdown” in the lake of fire. So, as Adam carried the consequences of his judgment, his wife carried hers, and the serpent bears its own. The Lord God provided garments made of animal skins for them instead of the leaves they used but their shame remained. Today, that shame brings depression, suicide etc. The woe of the first family on the earth was just starting after being chased out of the garden. They did not know it will lead to losing their well-behaved son – Abel. While they were lamenting his loss, judgment came upon Cain, he went away from the presence of God just as his father – Adam was sent out of Eden. Judgment? Judgment sent Cain away from God’s presence, just as judgment sent Adam out of everyday’s fellowship with God. Daddy Adam and mummy Eve continued to bear the result of sins even after their exit from the garden of Eden. This is how terrible sins are!

We may use sins to escape suffering on earth but it opens the door for eternal suffering. Many think of going into sins and ask for God’s forgiveness later. To such sins, forgiveness may likely come but the punishment is unavoidable (take a clue from God’s judgment on David even after forgiveness had been granted during Bathsheba’s case). This is because it was a presumptuous sin – a sin knowingly (willfully) committed. Losing their first two sons did not end the judgment. We know how terrible it becomes when one loses fellowship with God. They could not commune with God anymore because guilt sends them to hiding from the presence of God. One cannot sin and stay in the presence of God without the heart been clouded with guilt. In fact the guilt sends one out, to flee from Him into the waiting hands of the devil. This is how terrible sins are!

Do you realize that Adam and Eve faded away from the scene. While they still existed, nothing much was known about them again, only Adam’s death made it to history again. Eve’s death went unannounced unlike Sarah’s death. These are the consequences of sins upon God’s first born family on the surface of the earth. Sin, satan’s power over mankind!

David, witness the death of his first strength – Amnon, who the second son – Absalom, killed. After David’s death Solomon killed his brother, Adonijah. David experienced great turmoil in his family. The memory of Absalom’s abominable life and death was to remain with David without anybody to share it with. So, it was possible for David to ask for grace not to lust after women but he did not utilize this until sin ravaged his household. You know, it was his life that was changed before women became vanity to him. When he returned to his palace after Absalom’s death, he kept women away never to touch them again. Really, this was put to test when he became old, they made a specially sought damsel to warm him up, yet he did not touch her! It was not that keeping women away made him become righteous but it was that he became a new creature who lusting after women became vanity to. He could have asked for such divine transformation before Bathsheba’s issue, and such predicament would have been averted. Sin, the devil’s power over mankind!

If someone says that these do not hold anymore because Jesus has died for us, tell them about Judas Ischariot, Ananias, Saphira, king Herod, Elymas the sorcerer, the destruction and scattering of Israel in 70AD, and the church in Ephesus (Revelation 2:5).
Sin, devil’s power over mankind!

Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus, I am powerless without your help, have mercy upon me (Romans 7:24).
2) Holy Spirit, shine your search light on me and make me know my hidden sins, in Jesus name.
3) Father, give me the grace for genuine repentance, in Jesus name.
4) How terrible will it be to miss heaven despite Jesus’ live and death of sacrifice, Lord destroy the power of sin over my life.
5) Father, remove the nature of sin from my life, in Jesus name.
6) Lord, give me the grace to resist sin to the end, in Jesus name.