(Psalms 119:16,24,35,47,77,92,174, Psalms 37:4-7, Jeremiah 6:10, Jeremiah 9:23-24, Job 22:26, Psalms 1:2)

1) Lord Jesus, I thank You for willingly (not grudgingly) laying down Your life for me (John 10:18).
2) Lord, forgive me for not willingly laying myself to You – as I always look out for evidence that support what I want and less of what You want.
3) Lord, I personally hate putting myself in discomfort. So, when it comes to obeying you I seek to do it from my comfort zone. I choose ease even if it means a little compromise. Father, help me and save me to the uttermost, in Jesus name.
4) Lord Jesus, give me a heart that does not just do Your will but one that is delighted doing Your will.
5) Lord Jesus, give me the heart that joyously seek your instructions as deer pants for water.