(John 3:1-21, Mark 10:17, Deuteronomy 29:18-20, Isaiah 32:6, Mark 9:32-37, Isaiah 58:3, Jeremiah 29:13)

Someone once said he got to a juncture in life which he never anticipated. At that stage, he began to have many questions about his Christian journey and life. In his effort to get answers he went around the country to people he thought could help with required answers. Unfortunately, he did not get any satisfactory answer. Being lost and confused he blatantly renounced the faith. He apologized to those he has preached to and baptized, that he was sorry to have ever led them that way. Then he became a professing atheist. As of the last time I heard and read about him (it should not be more than 3 years ago) he wrote his views about Christianity and free-thinking. He was not the first Christian to get to that stage and will not be the last. In fact, virtually all Christians concerned about heaven will likely be at that juncture, at least once. How each person came out of that juncture is what will determine if he or she is ready to make it to the kingdom of God.

Nicodemus had a choice to remain silent with his question because of his reputation as a top scholar of the Torah among the jews – a pharisee and member of the sanhedrin. Nevertheless, he chose to go to Jesus for an answer. Despite visiting at night because of shame, Jesus did not ignore him but gave answers to his questions. There and then, the doubt that beclouded his minds gave way to strong faith in Jesus as the Messiah and the only Son of God. Nicodemus seemed to know about heaven but obviously his knowledge about getting there was incomplete, until he visited Jesus. Since Jesus told him emphatically that whoever is not born again would not enter into the kingdom of God, it meant that with Nicodemus previous knowledge of heaven would have made him miss heaven. So, questions that would have led him to hell, if he was silent about them,
made him one of the saints in heaven.
Also, a man came to Jesus in Luke 18:18, asking about the prerequisite of making heaven. He seemed to have come with confidence of making heaven because of his righteousness until Jesus told him what was remaining for him to be heaven candidates. Either he accepted it at that spot or not, he went with a corrected view about making heaven.

PLEASE NOTE THIS: THERE IS NO FOOLISH QUESTIONS AND NO CHILDISH QUESTIONS. The question one person regards foolish or childish may likely lead another person into hell. So, as Christians, we must never be too shy or ashamed to ask questions that are troubling our life and/or Christian journey. Imagine Philip asking who God the Father was after working with Jesus for several months. Yet, Jesus helped his faith with the appropriate answers. In this light, many people have numerous questions unanswered at work, school, in their relationships and/or families. The Point of Focus for this Week is a call to us to ask every question we think will likely determine how well our journey with God will be and/or end. Do not be shy or ashamed to ask. If you feel too shy or ashamed because of your personality, visit as Nicodemus visited Jesus under the cover of the night because of his reputation among the jews. You can pose your questions without you as the character. You will not be condemned for this, it will save you from perishing because of lack of appropriate knowledge. Send in your questions, as we trust the Holy Spirit – the discerner of the intent of the hearts to give helpful answers to them.

You may ask questions, not because you do not have the answers but because you want it to be share among brethren, so as to help other people’s faith. Some questions never asked or answered in one’s Christian journey may also lead others to hell.

What is your question?

When it comes to the issue of the kingdom of God, it is worth repeated that there is no foolish question. A question regarded as foolish may likely lead someone else to hell. A question seeming foolish to one person may be a determinant for another person’s salvation. As at the time of the disciples, some questions they asked seemed foolish considering their status, but the answers they got helped them to be kingdom ready and they are also helping us till today. So when it comes to the issue of the kingdom of God, ask any questions you have or that bother you, it may be a determinant to your finishing well.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, on some occasions, as we can see in Mark 9:32-37 have encouraged his disciples to ask questions that troubled them and their salvation. At that time, they tried hiding the question about who would be the greatest from Jesus. The Lord knowing that the question remaining unanswered will take the disciples away from the narrow way to the kingdom of God, he brought it to light and gave them the appropriate answers. It is worth knowing that the devil tries hard to keep people away from the steps and answers that will help their Christian faith, no matter how troubling or critical the questions are. Many questions are devil’s lie fashioned like the truth, such as he used against Eve and Adam in the garden. It could have been better for them to take devil’s statement back to God for confirmation but the devil was successful over them in preventing this. May the Holy Spirit help us all to overcome the enslaving power of the devil.

Prayer Points
1) Ask that the Holy Spirit will give you the correct answers to your questions in Jesus mighty name.
2) Lord, render useless every power and opportunity the devil uses to enslave and manipulate me to do his bidding, in Jesus name.
3) Ask that the Lord will not let you be the vessel that the devil uses to frustrates others along their journey of faith.
4) Ask that you will not be the thorn, conspirator, betrayer, or any evil agents against others along their journey of faith.
5) Have you been a false witness against anyone, have you destroyed other people’s goodness? Ask that today, the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus will deliver and set you free completely from the grip of hell.
6) Ask that God’s hand of mercy will keep you away from those who have given themselves over to the devil as potent weapons against others, in Jesus name.