(Genesis 15:13-16, Exodus 2:1-25, 1 Kings 13:2, 2 Kings 22:1-20, Isaiah 45:1-13)

In this world of uncertainty, wickedness, and deceit; fix your gaze on your divine assignment/calling/mandate. Every other things you encounter in this world will be left behind but your divine mandate goes ahead of you to judgement. The fulfillment of your divine assignment is non-negotiable. No one can tell God about the impossibility of carrying out his task when grace is available to be tap into. You may not be justified of not being able to fulfill your divine calling because there were provisions for grace if you ask. No justification for failed divine calling. Above everything we long for, the fulfillment of divine mandate is crucial. It is the very will of God for us. It is his love for us. It is His purpose for our existence.

If one fails to do that which the Lord commanded or destined us for, then the person is in for condemnation before the throne of judgment. If one fulfills it, then it is a justication before the throne of grace.

Our success in life, before the Lord will be measured by how well we fulfill our own alloted assignment. It may not be measured by how much we worked casually, off-track. Do not be casual about living. God crafted you and me for specific and predefined purposes. Until we discover what Jesus crafted us for, we may be among many living aimlessly (without purpose).

Knowing God’s purpose for our existence is a great challenge for many of us. Again, when we mention divine purpose, assignment or mandate it is not only about pulpit commitment, as many think. Your pulpit may be the polical scene where you find yourself. As a politician, may be you see yourself as an outcast from God already. No, you do not need to listen to devil’s lie. It is possible God guided you to that platform even when you have not know him. Then on the day of reconciliation, you will be asked about how well you make God’s purpose for your political congregation come to fulfillment. Is your time in office thwarting God purpose in your political environment? Is it destroying other people’s destiny or fulfilling them? How well do you seek or cease opportunities to reach others with God’s love? A place of divine assignment nobody can run away from is family. Our family members’ lives are attached also to our divine task. So we must seek to be fulfilled according to the will of God in connection with each and everyone in our home. Our family is our Jerusalem and Judea that we must reach with the purpose of Jesus Christ first and always.

Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth

Are you a force man: a police, soldier etc then most likely that is your domain for the fulfillment of destiny. You will not be made to account for pulpit work, if that is not what Jesus Christ has alloted to you. How well you fulfill his purpose where you are, is your divine assignment. Your pulpit may be your school were you teach. How well do you mould those delicate vessels for the fulfilment of God’s purpose for their lives. Those students may be your congregation the Lord expects you to account for, as you put them in your prayers daily, as you prepare their lives for fulfillment according to God’s purpose. What other profession is yours which you see as a casual one. Do you see it as one God may not have any plan for? Seek God’s face to be sure that you are not reproaching his divine mandate for your life.

Please reach us, if you need help, in case you think you are not getting any respond from God about your divine mandate. If you need more opportunities to discuss this issue further, contact us. It is our divine assignment to help you into Jesus Christ’s divine purpose for your existence. Do not live casually anymore, God is not taking it casually. Do not ignore this crucial issue for your existence, God is not ignoring it. I pray the Lord help us all in Jesus name. May we not cry, “I thou know” before the throne of judgment” on the day of reckoning, in Jesus name.

I leave you with this hymn:

  1. Blessed invitation from the King of Heav’n,
    Blessed invitation by the Spirit giv’n
    Falling on the weary like refreshing dew,
    Whosoe’er believeth, that means you That means you, brother, that means you;
    Trust the Saviour’s promise tried and true (my brother)
    That means you, brother, that means you;
    Whosoe’er believeth that means you
  2. Reconciliation thro’ His precious blood
    He hath wrought salvation blessed Son of God!
    All the work is finished, there is naught to do,
    But to claim the blessing, that means you.
  3. Saving all who trust Him to the utter most,
    Boasting is excluded, yet in Him we boast,
    Soul, receive the message, wonderful and true,
    Whoso’er believeth that means you.
  4. Doubt His Word no longer, come to Him today,
    Turning from your sins for evermore away;
    Thro’ His boundless mercy, All shall be forgiv’n
    He will safely guide you home to Heav’n
  5. There in realms of glory we will sing His praise,
    With the shout of triumph thro’ eternal days,
    For the invitation, old yet ever new;
    Glory, Hallelujah! That means you.

Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus, I thank you because I was carefully and wonderfully created for your specific purpose in my generation.
2) Father remove prodigality from me, as regards your purpose for my existence, in Jesus name.
3) Lord, hold, guide, and lead me always into your assignments for my life.
4) Father, give me the grace and help to be fulfilled with the divine assignment for my life in Jesus name.
5) May the grace to evaluate and re-evaluate myself in the mirror of Your purpose for my life always, be released into me, in Jesus name.
6) Pray for the heart that sees every distraction as vanity in Jesus name.