(Matthew 12:46-52, John 15:14-16, Mark 10:21-31, John 11:5, John 13:1, Ezekiel 3:16-21, Ezekiel 18:21-32)

The Lord does not have a favourite as many of us think. He loves everyone as the works of His love. When we do His will, He draws closer to us. If we stop doing His will, He forsakes us. Even in the time of grace the Lord still forsakes unrepentant sinners. A renown general of Christ once wrote a mighty sermon that caused a great revival. He titled it as, “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God”. For a Christians to cling to the notion that “Jesus specially loves me” is like plying a highway to destruction.

The Lord does not get carried away by our uncountable confessions of his love. He only honours those that honour Him. He answers if we ask according to his will. The Lord loves everyone as a Creator will but hates our sins. If anyone thinks Jesus does not really love him, let the person begin to do God’s will diligently and faithful. Then, he will see Christ treating him as a man after his heart and as friend. However, if anyone thinks Jesus loves him and becomes careless like a prodigal son. Then, he will see Jesus forsaking him just as holiness separates from inquities.

So, please, do not handle your relationship with Jesus carelessly. He loves everyone but draw closer to those that obey His instruction. Continue to serve Him diligently and faithfully.

Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus, thank You for Your great love that made You to die for me, paying my huge debt on the cross.
2) Lord Jesus, forgive me for not doing enough to reciprocate Your love to me.
3) Abba Father, take away prodigality from me and fill me with Your abundant grace for steadfastness in obedience, in Jesus name.
4) Oh Lord help me and direct me on how to I reciprocate Your love to others in this world of evil and wickedness.
5) Father, guide me away from the snare of the wicked, in Jesus name.