(Luke 15:18-22, Matthew 27:3-5, Luke 7:37-50, Revelation 20:19)

Many work in the shadows of their past sins. They try to fling them away, alone. They are too ashamed to share them with anyone, thinking, “who will understand? Will they care?” So, this shadow clung to them and deprives them the normalcy they used to enjoy.

A molested young girl. A dirty young boy. A prostitute. A murderer. A deceiver. A manipulator. The list goes on. Who wants to hear from these sets of people? No one could see them as victims. They are also not the usual type of people. They are the nightmares many people do not know exist.

They prefer to enjoy the little trust, love, and care they still receive from others. They hide the past that haunts them in the dark. The more they hide this from others, the more they get lost. Farther into the grips of the devil. Many times they try to confess them to Jesus, alone but they get the feeling that, “it’s not enough to confess it to Jesus, alone”. Really, we will be forgiven for every sin we confess to Jesus, genuinely. However, there are some that the Lord may not forgive you, without proper confession to other faithful brethren. They are not difficult to discern. They are those we try so much to believe have been forgiven and forgotten, but kept standing before our conscience, unmoved. We rebuke them by the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus, yet they remain unmoved. We rebuke the devil that torments us with them, yet they remain unshakable. We use the word of God as the sword of faith against them but the word turns against us, emphasizing the need to confess to a faithful brethren.

The cage is really not the past. The cage is the secrecy. They have no one to tell it to. Anyone that hear their story could make life worse for them. Anyone could mar the little life they have remaining. So, they cannot trust anyone with their life. It is worst if their past was against a loved one. It is also worse if their life is against those who were honest with them. They cannot easily come out to anyone. To them, life have taught them that, “if they can be this guilty, then no one should be trusted.”

These are the categories of people we are praying for, in this week Point of Focus. We are praying that the Lord will break the barriers against their total freedom. We are praying that the powerful hand of Jesus’ redemption will bring them out from the shame of the past. We will pray to intercede for their total freedom. We will pray that the Lord will lead them to His own faithful servant that can guide them aright. We will pray away every demonic servant the devil has positioned on their way of repentance as angel of light. As we do this divine assignment, the Lord Jesus covers us and our possessions with His powerful blood, mercy and grace. Amen.

Prayer Points
1) Pray that Holy Spirit will break the barrier of secrecy that satan has used against these precious souls.
2) Pray for the Holy Spirit to expose this gimmick of the devil operating in anyone’s life close by, in Jesus name.
3) Pray that, the blood of Jesus at Calvary will speak of a better thing for their life, in Jesus name.
4) Pray that this bondage will not make them lose heaven, for eternal damnation in the lake of fire (Revelation 20:19).
5) Pray, Lord help me to help those around me in this type of bondage, in Jesus name.