(Matthew 10:32-39, Mark 8:38, Matthew 16:21-25, Matthew 19:27-30, Luke 12:46-48)
Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus, thank You for giving me the whole of Yourself.
2) Lord Jesus, forgive me for withholding certain area(s) of my life from You.
3) Lord, the life I have is a gift from You, You own it but You gave me the privilege to desire giving it to You. Give me the grace to submit it wholly to You without withholding anything, in Jesus name.
4) I must not return to You without any impact on my generation. I must not return to You without fulfilling Your special purpose for my existence. I must not return to You empty-handed. Help me Lord Jesus!
5) Only one life to live, I offer it to You withholding nothing, take it and use it Lord remarkably, as it pleases You, in Jesus name.