Starting the journey of life on a good path, at a young age, paves way for many good opportunities in the future. The steps you take when young, set the pace by which you run towards the fulfilment of your destiny. Bad steps taken early in life is like taking a journey to the land of destruction, while the good steps lead to the fulfilment of great destiny.

You Have a Beautiful Future
Your future is the priority and walking in a good direction towards this great future must be your utmost concern. You were born with great glory, with this glory in you, you are destined to be great in life. But there are certain youthful desires and passions which always stand as constraints in achieving your God-given glory. All these constraints must be out of your ways at all cost. These constraints come as well packaged youthful desire which the society offers you such as hooliganism, cultism, pornography, alcoholism, indecent dressings, prostitution, gambling, bad gang and all forms of corrupt practices. These are the mechanism the devil uses to deprive the young ones of today of their glory by giving them a shattered future instead. The devil uses all these tricks to take their attention away from the good paths which lead to the fulfilment of good destiny. All these youthful lusts are paths that lead to regret and destruction. They are poisons packaged as sweet honey.
The glory God deposited in the life of everyone is great and the devil is trying to destroy this glory by introducing all forms of youthful desires you see everywhere. Once attention is being shifted towards this evil path, the devil himself takes over such life and will never relent until the person is totally destroyed.

The Way Out
Move closer to God to avoid this evil path. Have a personal relationship with Jesus and He will lead you. He loves you by dying for you on the cross at Calvary. There is nothing you can do on this earth without God, He knows your end from the beginning. His plans for you are plans for good things and not evil. He himself will lead you to the right path to your great future. He is the master planner and He has already drawn out the right path for you to take in life which will usher you to greatness.