(Zechariah 4:1-6, Ezekiel 39:29, Joel 2:28,29,32, Acts 1:4,5)

Oh Lord, pour out Your Spirit on me. I want to hate evil and iniquities as You do. I want to love the truth. I want to depart from the company of mockers. I need to love righteousness like You (Psalms 45:7). I must flee from the gathering of the wicked. You came to this world to show me the manner to do Your will, yet, You said it was not enough to do as You do or say as You say. You said unless the Spirit of truth comes upon me and into me, my flesh will still be weak while my spirit is willing.

Come oh Lord, pour out Your Spirit on me. My faith is still weak because my flesh only believes in itself and the devil tactics. Human courage is like a tensed wire which appears to be strong but snaps in the middle of work when it is much needed. Only the faith from Your Spirit remains strong and hardened against all wiles and darts of the devil. Only Your Spirit can make me untouchable (Psalms 105:15). The anointing is not just in the oil but in the Spirit.

My mind can focus on the target but only Your Spirit will direct my hand on the bow. Only Your Spirit can guide my arrow into the target. Only Your spirit can tear down the enemies from their weakest link. Only Your Spirit will not be moved with the enemies stance. Only Your Spirit will overwhelm the enemies until they either submit or fade away. I need Your Spirit in a measure that will overwhelm the counsel of the enemies. Only Your Spirit will overthrow the strategies of the enemies. I plead for Your Spirit Lord. Pour Him upon me. Let Him take over the whole of me and possess me.

Pour out Your Spirit into me that Your will, will not be a burden on me. Only Your Spirit in me can make Your will be my desire. Only your Spirit will engrave your purpose into my heart till it becomes my purpose. Only Your Spirit can make Your thoughts my actions. I need Your Spirit in a measure that will overthrow the thoughts of evil. Only Your Spirit will uproot evil seeds or roots.

Only Your Spirit can sanctify my praise and prayers. Only Your Spirit can let my request align with Your plan. Only Your Spirit can make my plea delight You. I need Your Spirit in a measure that prays into the heavens and into Your throne. I need your Spirit in a measure which makes my prayers be lifted above the will of man into Your presence. Pour out Your Spirit on me which will pray out Your will to manifestation and fulfilment on earth as it is in heaven.

Only your Spirit in me will set me apart from the assembly of the wicked so that I will not share in their rewards. Only Your Spirit will put me in the centre of Your will. Pour out Your Spirit on me and into me O Lord, till I am soaked and saturated in Your grace (Zechariah 12:10).

Prayer points
1) Holy Spirit, create in me the heart that hates iniquities, evil and wickedness (Psalms 45:7).
2) Father, pour upon me Your Spirit of anointing that will make me untouchable for the enemies (Psalms 105:15).
3) Father, pour upon me Your Spirit of overcoming (Zechariah 4:6).
4) Father, pour upon me Your Holy Spirit to be Your witness to all nations (Acts 1:8).
5) Father, pour out Your Spirit on Your church (Joel 2:28, 29,32).