(1Kings 21:4-16, 2 Samuel 11:1-27, 2 Samuel 12:9-18, 2 Samuel 16:20-22, Psalms 1:1-6)

1) Holy Spirit, help me not to work in the way of the wicked, in Jesus name.

2) In Jesus name, I will not give the chance or platform to the devil to manipulate me.

3) I plurge beneath the blood of Jesus and ask that the redemptive power of Jesus, redeems me from every way that despises the word of God, in Jesus name.

4) Lord, create in me a clean and renew a right Spirit within me, such that will not despise Your instructions in Jesus name (Psalms 51:10).

5) Oh Lord, we stand lifting up Your holy Word, deliver everyone that is under the manipulation of Satan for evil deeds now, in Jesus name.