(1 Samuel 8:1-22, 1 Samuel 12:17-24, 1 Samuel 10:23-24, 1 Samuel 16:1-12, 1 Samuel 15:15-26, Acts 13:36)

The permissive will of God simply means God giving us the permission we want for our wrong choices even though we reject His choice. It does not mean He supports it but we compelled Him to give us as we desire.
Saul was given to the people of Israel from the permissive will of God while David was given to them as God’s choice. Therefore, we will be meditating on this further, in the light of Saul’s and David’s life as kings in Israel.

In the following paragraphs, we will consider few basis for the differences between God’s and Israel’s choices.

1) The Timing

The people of Israel asked for a king before the fulfillment of God’s promise for a king from the tribe of Judah.
It was very clear that rulers (kings) would be from the tribe of Judah. God was at work to bring this to fulfillment. By the time the people of Israel got fed up with being ruled by God’s judges, it was still too early for them to have a king. Things can only be beautiful at God’s time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

2) How We Make Our Choices Versus How God Makes His Choices

Israel prerequisites fitted Saul’s physique (1 Samuel 9:20-21). Imagine Saul being the tallest among all the men. However, God’s prerequisites fitted David (Acts 13:23) who was ruddy and handsome, and not even his brothers which were already in Saul’s army. Going by man’s prerequisites David’s physique may not pass for a strong king.

3) Why We Chose and Why God Chooses What He Chooses

They wanted to live like other nations. This is the same with we wanting to live like other people (1 Samuel 8:20). Even though, they were warned about rejecting God as their King, what they think was right was what they went for. That is, to be like every other nations. They did not understand that they were actually rejecting God’s kingship, since He was their King, by statute. So, it was not Samuel they rejected as a judge, it was God they rejected. Considering the reality on ground, they thought they could not have done wrong asking for a king. So also our hearts seem to justify us when we decide to choose by ourselves for God to just bless it.

4) The End

The end justified God’s choice against theirs.

For instance, Saul loved the people but did not love God. He took decision as he saw fit, regardless of God’s will.
Saul drafted people to the army by himself, God brought people to David’s army.
Saul fulfilled the people’s will but David fulfilled God’s will for Israel. Saul reigned for 40 years and David reigned for 40 years. The results from the years of their reigns justified God against Israel. Saul’s reign was a period of stagnation ending in chaos (Israel’s type of king ended his life at the battle field) but David’s reign was in prosperity (He defeated all enemies of Israel and captured their lands as promised by God).

Conclusively, only God’s will makes all things beautiful in His time and not his permissive will.

Prayer Points
1) Lord help me to wait upon you faithfully, in Jesus name.
2) Lord, I stand against and rebuke whatever will make me reject Your will for my will, in Jesus name.
3) Lord, visit my foundation and remove the wrong ones from my life, in Jesus name.
4) Lord, re-lay the correct foundation in my life, so that Your correct structure will find an enduring place in my life, in Jesus name.
5) Lord, visit and revive my life in every areas I have gone against you with my wrong choices, in Jesus name.

My regards to our younger ones ma. Continue to stay safe and blessed in Jesus name.