(Job 38:4, Psalms 33:6, Psalms 89:11, Psalms 136:5, Acts 14:15, Acts 17:24-31, Nehemiah 9:6, Jeremiah 10:12, Jeremiah 51:15, Revelation 14:7)
1) God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, I bow before You, You are worthy to be worshipped from one generation to another and Your works manifest such awesomeness.
2) Love alone will be insufficient for Your worship likewise trembling alone will not be enough, Lord Jesus, fill us up with Your love and trembling so that we will worship You correctly.
3) Lord, in Jesus name, my life and the word of my mouth will not glorify any other god but You.
4) Lord, create in me the heart to worship You aright in this world of errors, confusion and obstinacy in Jesus name.
5) Father, help me to teach Your love and fear to others, in Jesus name.
6) Lord, let more of Your glory and grace beautify my live in Jesus name.