God specifically brought you to this world for a special mission. The purpose for which you were brought to this world is to achieve something that has never been achieved in your generation and this distinguishes you as a child of great destiny. God knows those great things He has in you that are still unknown to you. All what God has deposited in you are what you need to develop into something that will make you great in life. Our good Lord, has wonderfully designed this potential in your life, in order to bring out His glory in you. He knows that particular area where He wants His glory in you to be revealed. Then HE DIRECTS YOUR STEPS TOWARDS THIS DIRECTION. Which you must follow, so as not to go against His good plans for your life.

When the devil sees these potentials in you, then he starts trying different tricky ways to take this glory away. That is what the devil is after. By so doing, he uses many methods such as hooliganism, pornography, adultery and fornication, drug addictions, indecent dressings, negligence, laziness, and lack of good moral.

If care is not taken, the devil might overpower and manipulate such person with these methods he uses so as to destroy that good destiny. Whenever all these attitudes are being noticed in your life, stand up and resist it, say a capital NO. That is why it is very important to have a personal relationship with Jesus. The devil is a manipulator so you must be smarter than him. He can never do anything good, he may pretend to do good, but it is a Camouflage, all his deeds lead to destruction. The devil came to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10

Beloved, your personal relationship with the Lord Jesus will make your good destiny to be untouchable for the devil and his cohorts. He can never tamper with it because it is designed, rooted and secured with the maker of glory Himself, the Lord God. Run away from sin and read the word of God regularly. Be steadfast in prayer and the good Lord will never leave you alone. He will make you into who He wants you to become in life, which will be a great advantage to you and your generation. By the special grace of God, you will be a good person the society will be proud of in Jesus mighty name.