Some people query, “why will a good God unleash this on mankind”. They go ahead to say that, they will rather not serve such God.


Even though He loves all, He is still the overall Judge for the whole earth. Hence, must judge righteously and justly so that those who do good will be encouraged to continue in it and those who do evil will change their ways.

Yes, He is long-suffering. He does not give a great judgment often and gives time for period of repentance before passing judgment. This is what some wrongdoers sometimes take as encouragement to continue in their wrong ways. Again, He gives prior mild judgment but most people ignore such. God’s long-suffering during His time of patience makes most evil workers to boast in their wickedness, saying, “there is nothing like judgment from God”. So, when the period of His patience passes, He arises to judge.

The level of the evil and wrongdoing committed always determine the level of His judgment. Nonetheless, He loves it better if evil doers and wrongdoers genuinely repents of their wrongdoings. For this reason, He will not judge them!

Why should judgment be worldwide? He apportions judgment as deem fit for all concerned. He is the judge of the whole world.

Judgements must be done righteously. No matter how loving a judge is, he will not let unrepentant wrongdoers go unpunished. For example, a high court judge will not let wrongdoers go unpunished, so as not to put the whole society on the course to freely do wrongs. Also, he judges for the victim to be satisfied with the vengeance against his/her oppressor. God is a loving Lord but a righteous and just Judge. He is the Avenger for those oppressed. God pays everyone with result that commensurate to each person’s deeds.

God’s judgment is born out of His love to call mankind to repentance before His final(grand) judgment where all mankind receive their rewards. Then, there will be no second chance because it will be the final end to this current world and all corruptions that has happened on it.

So, a loving God could allow coronavirus globally to pass the warning of this current world imminent end without second chance.

Many will still continue in their sin because sin is pleasurable but its end is a bitter regret. Some will feel remorse and seek genuine repentance. Nevertheless, with open arms, God bids all to come to genuine repentance through Jesus Christ who has paid the ultimate price for the debt of all wrongdoings with His excruciating death on the cross.

Therefore, let all willing hearts say, “Lord Jesus, You paid the price for my sins with an excruciating death on the cross. I come to you. Forgive me and save me! Help me to grow in Your will and love till I see You face to face in Your Father’s kingdom. Thank you for your love. Amen.” On a final note, pick up a Holy Bible to study and through it, you will hear from God Himself. Bye for now.