(Proverbs 1:1-33)
In a particular village, there was a great drought. No rain, no dew! When all hope was lost, suddenly, there came the shower everyone had been praying for. It was a heavy downpour. It lasted for 7 days. During these 7 days, some people had the kind of bath they have not had over many months of the drought. Some stored the water thinking the rain will last for a day. When they realized that it lasted than 3 days, they began to use their stored water because they believed a good time has come for them. Some said, “this continuous downpour is a sign to show that, never again will the unfortunate event of drought be repeated in our land”. Almost everyone seemed to forget the past suffering and continued with their usual activities before the drought.
Some categories of people never bothered to bath, wash or do anything with excess water for the 7 days of the downpour – they kept filling every container with water for storage. They seemed to have learnt a different lesson from the past drought than other villagers. On the sixth day, they did not seem to stop their water storage “spree”. At this time, their fellow villagers began to mock them. Some even cursed them for expecting drought to happen again. However, this did not stop them from selling their unused containers to those storing water. Those storing water also kept buying more containers from their fellow village people who thought the drought was gone for ever.
On the seventh day the rain stopped. Days after that, no rain again. Months after that, no rain, no dew. When a year elapsed, the other villagers began to plead those who they mocked for storing water. They solicited for some quantity of water to be sold to them. At the end of 6 months, the wise ones were busy earning from others who did not store water. The wise ones became rich from the proceedings of the sale of water.
The other villagers connived to robe the wise ones into crime they were innocent of, so that the village head can confiscate their stored water. However, the wise ones heard of this plot. They realized beforehand that they had become aliens to their people because of their new found fortune. Having gotten all they could handle, they left the village without drawing any attention that they were leaving. They went to far towns and began a new life.
Meanwhile, the drought became more severe in the village they left behind.

Different categories of people learn differently lessons from life. How much we learn dictates who we become in life. We may not do well if we begin to think or plan evil against the successful ones. In fact, we may cause more damage to our lives.

Learn Wisely from Life. All occurrences are for a purpose. They are lessons from the Lord. Do not close your eyes to them.

Prayer Points
1) Lord, open my eyes to see, in Jesus name.
2) Lord, open my ears to hear, in Jesus name
3) Father, open my mind to know, in Jesus name
4) Lord, give me the grace to act according to Your will always, in Jesus name.
5) Lord give me the grace to be teachable in Your will and shine forth Your glory, in Jesus name.

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