(Genesis 45:1-8, Daniel 3:8-29, Daniel 6:2-24, Esther 6:4, Esther 6:11-13, Esther 7:8-9)

God does not abandon His children in the midst of battle. He saves those who trust on Him. When you believe in God there is a sure deliverance and help. He fought for Joseph, Mordecai and Daniel. He delivered them from their enemies and battles.

He is the JEHOVAH Sabaoth! (The LORD of hosts)

Prayer Points
1) Lord, I thank you for fighting for me and for giving me victories in all ways.
2) Father, forgive me all the sins standing against my victory and deliverance, in Jesus name.
3) Lord of host, consume every enemy and his/her works against my life in Jesus name.
4) Lord, destroy all the strongholds of enemies against my life, in Jesus name.
5) Lord, may I not fight against You, Your Plans or those You fight for, in Jesus name.
6) Lord, take all the glory of my victories, in Jesus name (Psalms 114).