(Leviticus 26:41; Deuteronomy 8:2-3,14; Matthew 18:4, Luke 18:14;
1Peter 5:6; James 4:6,10)

God allows some situations solely to humble us. He cannot tolerate pride and He detests a proud heart. He stays away from such person and view them from afar of. The Lord do not get involved with the proud. Pride was traced back to the devil’s fall and he is a typical example of what pride can do and cause. He set his mind on being equal with God. He raised rebellion for it, though defeated he has sowed the seed in human.

Our God is humility personified. With humility He brings His creatures to Himself. He will not look down on any creatures not even the smallest ones. He accepts all as they come to Him as they are. He lowers Himself to speak to His creatures as friend to friend. If He should speak as a high and exalted God, the heaven and earth will flee away.

So, He wants His children to have this nature within them or submit to be made to conform to it. In cases any of His children falls short of this, he shows them the need to be humble. If they do not listen and obey, He Himself allows situations that will humble such children to happen. God’s last option is to humble His children with unpleasant and undesirable happenings.

We have to look at our God and conform to His life of humility. This will safe us from God’s whipping through unpleasant happenings. Once we learn humility from, He will not visit us with His correctional whip, instead He will exalts us. In this year we should look unto our Saviour and learn humility from Him. This will quicken our upliftment. May God’s grace of humility be released on us all in Jesus name.

Prayer Points
1) Lord, forgive me and wash me with Your blood from every sin of pride in Jesus name.
2) Father, give me the grace for a life of humility, in Jesus name.
3) Father, deliver me from the power of the sin of pride that may make you to humble me with undesirable challenges, in Jesus name.
4) Lord, help me to learn humility from You, in Jesus name.
5) Father, let my life teach others what Godly humility is, in Jesus name