(Matthew 16:24-27, Psalms 49:6-15, Luke 10:17-22, Revelation 3:5)

It is always delightful having success in whatever we lay our hands on. Success is pleasant. It is also worth celebrating. Nevertheless, Jesus warns us not to forget the ultimate one -success of making it to the kingdom of God.

Many get overdrunk with the joy that success brings on earth and by this forget about their heavenly home. The hunger and thirst they once had for making it to the kingdom of God becomes satisfied with the joy of their successes. Then their focus shifts away. They become less sensitive to the criticality of making it to heaven more to the success in this world. While they seem to continue to share testimonies about God’s goodness in their lives, they are drifting away from the way to heaven, subconsciously. The disciples also was caught up in this. While it seemed they were testifying to the glory of God in Luke 10:17 but Jesus cautioned them in Luke 10:20. He said, “Do not rejoice because the demons bow to you but rejoice that your name is written in heaven”

Brethren, as we rejoice because of success, we should also consider it in this manner. How successful will my making it to heaven be? As I am today, am I on the way to eternal life? How will the heavenly hosts rejoice with me because of my success to heaven. We I be congratulated into heaven as I am being congratulated here on earth.

Brothers and sisters, I rejoice with you for your successes here on earth but I want us to rejoice better when we successfully see one another in our heavenly homes, in the kingdom of our Father and God. As we congratulate one another here on earth, there will be reasons to congratulate one another also in the kingdom of God.

Joy over success here on earth can quickly turn around to the opposite direction. The same issues of life that bring “congratulations” may later bring “sorry”. This will not be our portion in Jesus name. Earth success is ephemeral. They are meant for gladness however we must pray to have more joy in that we make it to heaven where we see Jesus and receive our reward.

No drifting away. No lukewarmness of heart. By His grace and mercy, we shall celebrate the ultimate success of our salvation in our Father’s kingdom in Jesus name.

Prayer Points
1) Father, thank you for my past success, the current and future ones, in Jesus name.
2) Lord, may my success on earth not shift my focus away from the kingdom of God, in Jesus name.
3) Satanic orchestration, made to look like success to take me away from the way to eternal life, scatter and be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name.
4) Lord, seal up every avenue the devil and his agents can use against me, in Jesus name.
5) Lord, I am clinging to Your cross, grace and mercy, keep me till the very end, in Jesus name.
6) Lord, according to Your love and by Your great mercy, grant me worthwhile success in every facet of life, in Jesus name.