(Genesis 3:1-19, 1 Chronicles 21:1, Job 2:3, Zechariah 3:1-7, Matthew 16:3, 2 Corinthians 2:11, James 4:7)

Many people try to avoid talking about the devil, because they think, by so doing, they avoid his problems. Either we talk about him or not, every human is his sworn enemy. He has no help for humans than helping them sin against God and perish.

He knows already that he has a determined end which is a sure perdition. Even, every sinner is better than him because there is still grace for repentance. In his case, no chance for repentance. Therefore, he has resolved to loot, kill, destroy and lead human beings to hell quickly. Already, there is the existing battle between the every human and devil. Unless we rise to follow Christ battle-ready, the devil may have a free ride to victory over one’s life. God forbid!

Some of his tactics are:
1) He can instigates God against you, by accusation, like he did in Job’s case.
2) He can lured you into sins like David’s sin with Bathsheba.
3) He can prevent you from genuine repentance, like king Saul.
4) He can directly attack you if he has a platform for it.

So, we must keep him at bay, away from us. Until the final judgment day, we cannot destroy him now but can destroy his works and should not fail to do so.
Our victory over him is Jesus Christ our Lord. The platform for the victory is the mercy of God and our holiness. We have to rebuke him everywhere we come across his tricks. We must destroy his works. We must also bind and cast out his agents. Do not be ignorant of his old tricks of luring humans into sins. Do not give him any chance. If one gives him a chance, he builds an empire.

Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus, I thank You for the victory at the cross.
2) Lord, forgive me for every platform I might have given to the devil. Destroy such platform by fire in Jesus name.
3) Every agent the devil has assigned against my life, I bind you and cast you out of my life and territories in Jesus name.
4) Fire of the Holy Spirit consume every work of the devil in my home and life, in Jesus name.
5) Blood of Jesus, cancel every satanic arrangement for my life and destiny, in Jesus name.
6) Lord Jesus, lift me up over every tricks of the devil.