(Acts 11:26, Matthew 5:16, 1 Peter 2:12-25)

The way we live will either bring glory to God or bring reproach to Him. The way we live with others will either bring them to Christ or make them 2 times haters of Christ. Even if we may not bring shame to Him we can bring reproach to Him. And we must be wary of this.

The good manner of the disciples in Antioch made people call them Christians. Their neighbors reasoned that the people were as good as the good Lord they preached. Therefore they name the new group after the good Lord that they were very much like.

Nowadays, we should so conduct ourselves at works, homes etc. When people realize that we are Christians, they should be saying “I thought as much, they are good and can only be Christians”. It must not be good for them to see the Christianity that we profess as something contrary to who we are.

Ultimately, our Lord Jesus Christ will be happy with us if we live before Him acceptably. This will delight the Lord, that He will always make His glory available upon us. He will always endorse us and makes us shine brighter in His glory everyday. Let us live so that people will see our good conduct always and glorify our Father in heaven.

Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus, I am sorry about whichever way I may have brought reproach to Your name.
2) I reject lifestyle that brings reproach to the name of the Lord, in Jesus name.
3) Lord Jesus, I will live for You forever.
4) My lifestyle will bring glory to Your name, Lord, in Jesus name.
5) Father, uphold me with Your Spirit of grace, in Jesus name.