(Joshua 1:3-9, Isaiah 45)

When the Lord says, “I will go before you”, He means just that. Believe Him and hold Him by his word. No matter how terrible the journey is, He knows the end from the beginning. They may be new to you but He knows them before you embarked on the journey.

However, be wary of sins. Sins can make Him withdraw. We can remember Israel’s war with the Philistines during Eli’s time. God will not compromise his stand because He wants to do what we want. Once you give sin a place between Him and you, then He withdraws. Quite unfortunate, one may not notice that the Lord has left. Nonetheless, such case is always preceeded with unrepentant disobedience or presumptuous sins.

For the Lord to remain with you as He promised, remain in His will. When you find yourself in sins, quickly confess and repent genuinely. Postponing one’s reconciliation to God makes Him withdraw. Most times, pride, stubbornness and/or wickedness prevent us from knowing that the Lord has withdrawn himself from us.

When He says, “I will go before you”, victory is certain. No matter, what the devil tries you shall surely rejoice over him because the Lord who is the Lord of host is with you.

Prayer Points
1) Lord, break every yoke of servitude restraining me in Jesus name.
2) Lord, remove every delay, hindrance and barrier from my ways in Jesus name.
3) Father, destroy every evil agreement against my life and turn my enemies against one another, in Jesus name
4) Lord, loose every band of oppressors/tormentors and destroy their works over my life in Jesus name
5) Because Jesus died for me, I claim my victory in Jesus name.
6) Lord, let the pits my enemies dug because of me, swallow them up, in Jesus name.