( Isaiah 44:1-8, Isaiah 55:1-13, John 4:10-26)

The water is the word of God. The source is Jesus Christ our Lord-the Sun of Righteousness. To get life, we must drink from the word of God. Drink from it daily, then you will always be refreshed. Do not wait till you are dehydrated before you return to Him. Dwell in Him and let Him dwell in you. Live everyday in Jesus and let Jesus remain in you always. Then, your water supply will never fail.

It is always fresh from the source. Jesus is the source of our life. All things were created by Him without any exception. Do not stop at what others says about Jesus. Press further to see the Lord for yourself and to hear from Him. Do not be satisfied with drinking from borrowed cups. Pick your Vessels and proceed to the Source Himself. He is waiting for you.

Nicodemus went to Him. He could have missed that great opportunity but he defied every odd and he got to the Source. Nicodemus was able to ask Jesus that question that might send him to hell. Many questions we have about our faith are potential instruments for the devil to lead us to hell. God forbids! Do not keep the questions to yourself. Even if it is foolish before every human, it cannot be foolish to the Lord that died for you. Do not keep that question in you so that the devil will not use it to manipulate your mind. Go to Jesus, kneel before, thank Him, confess your sins and ask Him your questions. Nicodemus asked, “How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?” This question may sound foolish to many people but the same question may have led Nicodemus to hell if not understood.

Jesus needed to use Ananias for Paul, Philip for the Eunuch and Peter for Cornelius. He may decide to use you for that person who has a mysterious question about his/her faith. When the “Nicodemus” comes to you, lead him/her to Jesus Christ, He is the Source. If you are the “Ananias” please be obedient to the Lord, as you may be needed to lead another “Paul” to Jesus. Peter had to obey the Lord and he came to Cornelius. He met him and his household waiting (thirsty) for the water from the Source. If Peter had disobeyed or delayed his obedient what would have happened to Cornelius and his household that were waiting to be connected to the Source. Philip was on time with this task that he met the eunuch who was on transit. Any delay may have made him missed the “traveling” eunuch. Remember, Phillip was caught away (made to disappear) after he led the eunuch to the Source. This teaches us that we are not to preach ourselves to them but we are to preach Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is the Source of the living water.

Prayer Points
1) Lord, put the thirst for the living water in me, in Jesus name.
2) Lord, stir in me the Spirit of God for personal revival, in Jesus name.
3) The zeal of God enter into me, in Jesus name.
4) Lord, fill me with Your Holy Spirit till my cup overflows, in Jesus name.
5) My life, begin to receive the living water from the Source and be refreshed in the Holy Spirit now and evermore, in Jesus name.
6) My life begin to yield the fruits of the Spirit in abundance, in Jesus name.