(John 1:1-11, Acts 16:6-10, Matthew 6:22-23, Matthew 5:10-14)

It is worth knowing that darkness operates conspicuously everywhere in this world. This world is a place of competition between light and darkness. It may not require great effort before darkness manifests. However, great effort is usually employed before light manifest. Greater effort is also required to sustain a kindled light. We Christians are the light of the world! Our light shines through the thick atmosphere of darkness prevailing around us. Either we wish to compete for space with darkness or not, the stage is set already. If we take this for granted we may lose our place to darkness. Worst still, this is the reason many Christians join them when they cannot beat them. Some are taken off guard. We must know that there is always need to be alert to all appearances of darkness. This helps us to be well guided.

For us to be well guided against attack, either subtle or not, we must resist every form of darkness with the power of the Holy Spirit and in the authority of the name of Jesus. Resist every strategy to lure you into dimming your light. Remember, our Lord dwells in the unapproachable light. Even though, our light burns to give illumination to others that needs light, it must be consuming to all that may extinguish it. Our light must be welcoming to those who seek light but unapproachable to those who may want to extinguish it.

Despite being very needful in many places, the light is still rejected in some places. As the light of the world we must know that we may not be welcomed in some places . When this happens to you because of the light you bear, do not become sorrowful or depressed. Do not feel rejected but rejoice! It shows that you are still the light that the Lord Jesus has made you. It is for joy; it means your light has not degraded to darkness.

Fundamentally, we must not take it for granted that we must consciously remain connected to our Power Source. We must set time aside for personal retreat with God. This is needful for removing ash, shoots and rekindling. During your time of personal retreat seek the Lord in prayers, His word and fasting. During this time, the Lord does on you what can be tagged “general servicing”. Then, whatever needs repair, will be repaired; whatever needs to be replaced get replaced – bringing us out new (for sustenance and effectiveness). We are also rewired and re-coded against spiritual spies and infiltrators.

Prayer Points
1) Lord give me grace to stay connected to You – the power source of my life, in Jesus name.
2) Fire of the Holy Spirit destroy every evil extinguisher militating against my life, in Jesus name.
3) Lord, give me oil in my lamp, in Jesus name.
4) Guide me with your eyes, lead me along the path You prepared for me and do not allowed me to stray from them, in Jesus name.
5) Lord, restrain me from all paths that are against Your purpose in Jesus name (Acts 16:7).
6) Lord, give me grace to yield when You restrain me from paths that are against your will, in Jesus name (Acts 16:10)