(Mark 10:47-52; Psalms 150, 51, 123, 130; Luke 18:1-14)

The man of Bathsaida experienced Christ’s power of mercy. He was set free from the grip of the evil one. Bartimaeus could not be silent the day he heard Jesus was passing by. Here it was clear that the Lord likely ignored Bartimaeus until he passed by. People may have waited if the Lord Jesus will hear him and do the good works of healing. Only for them to realize that the Lord did not answer him. Maybe this made them concluded that Jesus has given up on him. So, they cationed him, “Bartimeus stop, the Lord is not interested in your case. Stop, your case cannot be helped. Stop your sins may be too much that the Lord cannot forgive you.” But Bartimaeus refused to be silent when the Lord has not attended to his situation. He shouted more. This is because he knew that the mercy of the Lord endures for ever, and not just for a moment.

Moreover, he must have knew more about persistence in seeking the Lord that the crowd following Jesus did not know. He must have assured himself that his Creator did not create him to be forgotten or ignored. He must have reasoned that, “Today, my life will receive his mercy”. Then, he shouted more, “Jesus the son of David have mercy upon me”. The Lord that seemed to have ignored him stopped and bid him to come. They must have chorused that, “come, the Lord is calling you. To me, I would have expected the mercy of God to go to him but no, He requested that the BLIND Bartimeus should come to Him. Another test of faith; I think. Let us imagine how he must have run, colliding with everyone just to get to Jesus. Imagine how people would have complained of Bartimaeus running into them. Imagine how they must have told him that, “the Lord is not in that direction you are going to”. At last, they would have to help him find his way now that the Deliverer Himself has determined to help him.

After all of these frantic efforts, the Lord asked again, “what do you want me to do for you? Bartimaeus did not mince word or show sign of disappointment in Christ’s all-knowing anointing. He responded, “that I may see”. Yes, this is the moment the devil feared. This is the moment the accuser of the brethren tried to prevent from happening, the time of visitation of Bartimaeus’ life. So, his hour of divine healing and deliverance came. There and then, his Deliverer said to his life, “go, your faith has healed you”. At that moment he received his sight and all sufferings of many years came to an unprecedented stop. All the struggles for mercy has paid him well. Once forgotten then became a testimony of divine acceptance. The Lord will stretch his hand of acceptance and deliverance into your life today in Jesus name.

Again, it is worth knowing that Bartimaeus must have knew more about crying out to the Lord than the crowd knew. They must have hoped and waited for Jesus to help them but Bartimaeus cried out for Jesus’ hand of mercy. Bartimaeus must have knew that Lord Jesus will not ignore those who persistently call on Him. He must have known that his Creator has not created him to be ignored.
Luke 18
7 And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?

8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

Prayer Points
1) Lord, I thank You for given me Jesus- the evidence of Your power of mercy to us.
2) Jesus, come into the ship of my life, overcome Satan and destroy his works over my life.
3) Lord, use Your power of mercy to do the renewal, restoration and revival that my life longs for, in Jesus name.
4) Christ’s power of divine mercy, deliver me now, in Jesus name.
5) Lord, stretch Your hand of acceptance and deliverance into my life today, in Jesus name.