(1 Samuel 13:12-14, 1 Samuel 15:9-11,
1 Samuel 16:1, Acts 13:22, Psalms 119:14-20)

It is a critical issue in christian journey, if one takes God’s instructions for granted. Even as God he does not take it for granted. Psalms 138 verse 2b tells us how he does not take it for granted. Many things we consider as “this is still not a sin”, “God is not against this”, are what He holds against us as unfaithfulness. King Saul lived this type of life: taking for granted diligence and sincerity in doing the will of God. If how God instruct you to live for Him is different from others receive it with joy and you will see the glory in it. Do not let another person tutor you against instructions God directly gave you for your live. Certain way of life may not be a sin for others but if God gives you charge against such, it has become a sin of disobedience for you if you do it

If we will not be found guilty of this, we must regard God’s instructions as being weighty, urgent, pressing, crucial, critical, vital, life-and-death and of high-priority. We must be consciously (and Deliberately) diligent, careful, detailed, in-depth and deep in ruminating on His instructions, as well as, in doing them. It may not look as if we are compelled by Him to act right in this regard but we are obligated to do so. It is highly expected of us, that not acting right translates to taking His instructions for granted. No matter how we confess His reverence with tears and fear, it is nothing to Him, if we do not deliberately and consciously do His will diligently. Sense of urgency proves that indeed He is the first priority in our lives!

King Uzziah must have thought that it is not too much if he burns sacrifice to God unqualified but it became a transgression which he did not recover from. Beginning with God and ending as outcast from God. While we talk more about grace to stay for extended days in sin without condemnation. God is talking about grace to go and sin no more so that worst things will not happen (John 8:31).
John 5:14 Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

Many things Lord Jesus could not take for granted as He went about the will of the Father, we take them for granted. He lived an exemplary life in flesh as regarding diligent obedience to the Father. That people, even pastor justify what you do, does not mean God does. God is holding you by the relationship between Him and you, using His word as witness. He may not use everything others says against you but He surely holds what he says to you against you.

Search through your life for the things you know God may not want but you are using faith to sweep away. Faith may not sweep it away because everything that proceeds out of the Father’s mouth transcends all grace we may think about.

Prayer Points

1) I will not be careless with God’s instructions, in Jesus name.

2)Lord, give me the understanding to do Your will acceptably, in Jesus name (Psalms 119:34).

3) I reject complacency in my service to God, in Jesus name.

4) My place before God will not be given to another person, in Jesus name.

5) Lord, do not lead me into temptation, in Jesus name.

6) Lord, deliver my heart from self-righteousness and self-justification, in Jesus name.