(1Chronicles 28:0, Psalms 139:23-24, Psalms 26, Psalms 119:1-20)

We must seek for the sanctity of thought from the Lord. The Bible says that the Lord sees our heart, hears our thought and weighs them. At times, when God wants to show us what our heart is made up of, He allows certain temptation to come our ways. This usually displays what we really do not know about ourselves. Before God, our thoughts are the representation of who we are.  While we are thinking that “at least, I have not done it”, “it is just a thought; nothing much “our thoughts have made bare the real picture. Our thought could present us as acceptable vessels or rejected ones. Our thought may make us appear before God as filthy tomb, gutter etc.

In this light, some wicked thought has made many hearts appear before the Lord as a butcher’s table- covered with peoples’ blood and mutilated body parts (even when the person has not physically killed slay anyone, Matthew 25:27-28). Imagine, if your thought is pictorially presented on a screen, how the sight will look like. Good thought will look much like beautiful sight. The look of heart harbouring nice thought will be close to that of a paradise. However, evil plan could make a heart look like a pit filled with deadly weapons or something close to it. Going by this, the imagination of some thought could be too gory to watch! We must seek for the sanctity of thought from the Lord.

If the Lord says that while some people appear to seek Him, their hearts are far from Him, this is what it means. God judges us according to our thought, not just according to our word and action. We must cry for the sanctity of our thought, so that, it will not put us in God’s terrible judgment. We must cry for the sanctity of thought, so that the devil (our accuser and archenemy) will not ensnare us by our thought. Even though we cannot do this by our own power, our conscious effort for sanctity will make God come for our help!

Enemies strongly try to control our thought unawares. While we are still thinking, “I will…, I will…, I will…”, the enemies may have taken control already. This is the reason we must cry to God for sanctity of thought for Him to take over everything so that the enemies will not have anything left to hijack.


1) Oh Lord you know my thought; it is naked and uncovered before You, forgive me in any way I have transgressed with it.

2) Lord, remove hypocrisy from me, let Your truth and righteousness prevail in me, in Jesus name.

3) Oh Lord Jesus, help me that the devil will not ensnare me with my thought and that I will not become his hostage through it.

4) Lord Jesus, give me victory over every element that the devil uses to control me or manipulate my thought, in Jesus name.