(1Kings 18:30-38, Joel 2:12-32)

Holy Spirit, Pour Upon Me Your Undying Fire! If the devil is searching for a place to dump anything, my life should not be available for it.

The place of the undying fire of the Holy Spirit is very critical in children of God’s life. A life without the fire of God will be cold enough to be conducive for the devil and his agents to dwell, work or even manipulate. How hot or cold we are as the children of God is not negotiable, as it determines what the devil can dump into or do with our lives. It is always clearly distinguishable as the day is from the night. Even, lukewarmness  is not acceptable by the Lord!

In this light, the only acceptable state of a child of God (before him) is to be hot and consuming. If we must be hot and consuming as our Father is, then our fire must be burning. We cannot afford to be tolerable and vulnerable to tactics of sin and devices of the tricky devil. Our status must be “blazing hot” for us to be able to destroy completely, the work of the devil. The level of tolerance we display to them determines if they will see us and flee; or they see us, come close, deceive, induce and manipulate. May the fire of the Holy Spirit make us the blazing hot zone against every power and wiles of the devil in Jesus name!

Nonetheless, the devil may not be too intimidated by our being “blazing hot” if our fire dies (burn out or low) in no time. In this case, he knows how to trouble the child of God to the point of surrender. However, if the fire in us becomes undying, we become untouchable and perpetual terror to his kingdom. The word of God says “if we faint in the days of adversity then our strength is small”. So, we must not wait for the day of battle before we get prepared; we must be prepared, always ready and at alert, even in the days of ease. Knowing fully well that our life and its success lie on the undying fire of the Holy Spirit in us; we must pant for it with the whole of our soul, spirit and body.

Brethren, lift up your voice to God and cry for an undying fire, until you overflow with this grace.

Prayer Points

1) Oh Lord, be attentive to me, seek me out with great mercy and love and pour upon me your undying fire, in Jesus name

2) Holy Spirit, remove every fire extinguisher from my life, in Jesus name

3) Lord, revisit my fireplace with fresh oil and fire, in Jesus name

4) Lord, I bow and submit for your rebranding fire in my life, in Jesus name

5) Father, whatever was lost in my life which caused my fire to burn low or burn out, let Your mercy restore it, in Jesus name